We are reformed in Nigeria and from Nigeria

We believe that the Bible alone is the word of God who cannot lie and therefore all truth is either explicitly stated in the Bible or can by good and necessary consequence, be deduced therefrom. We are shaped by this conviction and We believe it is our duty (and delight) to spread the word. This blog is basically about the formation of the convictions that are shaping our lives, and as they are shaping our lives!


2 thoughts on “We are reformed in Nigeria and from Nigeria

  1. Hello Mr Falase,

    Trust you are keeping well.

    I read your piece on tithing and noticed that you did not highlight the principle behind it as explained by Apostle Paul in Romans. After reading reading one can easily see the argument of those that for it and those that are against it.

    However without understanding the purpose of anything, one can easily abuse it (mis use it). The principle of the tithe is in agreement to the type and shadow of christ. Secondly, it also provided funds for the running of a community particularly when we understand that Israel under Moses was a nation were the government and the church was one unity. The levites were a plan B, the initial plan was that every first born functioned as a priest. I believe that Jesus derived his right to function as a priest as the first born in the house of Joseph and Mary.

    Moses did set the governmental structure of the nation israel, he understood systems, and the need for civil servants (public servant). The levities fitted well into that picture. Please remember 1samuel 8, where samuel warned the people that the king that they sought, would require another tithe from them.

    Let’s talk some more later

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