On Scriptures’ Sufficiency

How can it be said that the Bible is sufficient, yet it does not address every conceivable scenario that will ever confront even one person, let alone that of the nearly 7 billion people on the face of the planet at the moment or even the billions more that have passed into eternity since the world was created?

How can something be sufficient but not exhaustive in the information it provides?


Well there are people who may say that it must cover every issue for it to be considered sufficient, and since it doesn’t it can’t be sufficient and so they conclude that we need something else, “a voice in our head” (aka “God told me”),

There are others who never even ponder the question and therefore never seriously weigh the challenge a lack of understanding of, and confidence in, the sufficiency of Scriptures poses for their ability to properly and accurately understand the Bible.

Others still attempt to solve this problem by creating the concept of ‘hidden meaning” that there is “the letter of the word” (which kills) (also referred to as logos) and “there is the spirit of the word” (which gives life) (also referred to as rhema).


They create this false dichotomy and they seek out these “hidden meanings” as the solution to their everyday issues. Such issues as “what course should I read, where should I live, whom should I marry, what church should i be a part of etc.”


Some see the flaw in the approach of dichotomizing scriptures and therefore rather they dichotomize life into the “sacred” and the “secular”. They now think of “everyday decisions” as secular and those they think have to deal with the faith as “spiritual”

Bottom line is, everybody who says they are Christian, whether they know it or not, have to at one point or another deal with the issue of the sufficiency of Scriptures and whatever conclusion they come to on the matter will affect their view of life.

But is the bible truly sufficient?
Does it have an answer to every single issue we face as humans?
Can the Bible be sufficient but not exhaustive in the information it provides?

I will deal with the surprisingly simple answers to these questions in a subsequent post; but for now, think about which side of the argument you are.


One thought on “On Scriptures’ Sufficiency

  1. For me, the bible is sufficient and exhaustive on d informations it provides. What one needs is the spirit of God to make one understand it’s passages and how to apply it to ones problem.

    Eagerly waiting for the next post.

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