Reflections on Current Events

I have been musing over the recent happenings (particularly the Chibok abduction) in our beloved country, and wondering what my response should be as a Christian. I have asked myself what Apostles Paul and John would have done if they lived in our day? How would they react as servants of Christ and leaders in the church? Would they have joined in the protests and demand that the government do their job?
Well, I don’t know, I do know that their day was as riddled with unjust acts by political leaders and the citizenry as ours is. Indeed, I think we fair far better than they did. I seriously doubt that the citizens of the Roman empire would have thronged to the streets in protest if such an occurence had taken place. So we can be thankful to God for some of the level of freedom that we have today. Whether we have put that freedom to proper use is another discussion entirely.

Back to the issue at hand, it is important that Christians understand clearly how they live their lives before an onlooking world. And the present crisis (there has always and there will always be crisis in this cursed world) affords us the opportunity to publish the Gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. While the situation is a tragic one, we must be careful not to drop our Biblical worldviews as if such abductions and bombings are novel. The reality of the matter is that the abductors, the abducted, the bombers, the protesters and all at the helm of affairs who continue to harden their hearts against the Gospel will suffer God’s wrath. Those who died in the Nyanya bomb blast are not greater sinners than other Nigerians.

I don’t know the fate of these girls and I confess I try not to think about what they are going through right now. I know the parents of these are in grief beyond what I can imagine, but actually do not know the effect this grief must have had on them. I can only bear their burdens by pleading with the Lord to be merciful and use this to bring those among them who are lost to a knowledge of His Son and His mighty saving work on the cross on behalf of sinners. And for those who are His, O, that they might know that He is the Father of mercies and God of all comfort. That’s all the hope there is in this world. God may or may not bring the girls back (whatever the government does), but we may be rest assured that His purposes are perfect.

As I end this piece, let me say that I am not telling those who want to protest not to (I personally do not see the point), or that Christians shouldn’t hold the government to account. What I am trying to do is urge Christians in this country to be discerning and not go with the flow because it feels right, but judge all their responses and actions from a Biblical standpoint with an eye to the glory of our great God.

Grace and Peace…


2 thoughts on “Reflections on Current Events

  1. While i agree with you that we should look at things through a biblical world view. I feel your thoughts are well intended but overly cautious and may seem to excuse the insanity that we now live in. My reasons below:
    A biblical world view naturally requires we seek the good of those around us. By technology, chibok families have become our neighbours especailly at thistime. While we will continue to preach, the gospel and leading to it the law, our message must be empatetic still. This families need to hope also not just resign to the evil clutches that sin may seen to have bestowed upon mankind and the world.
    Finally,a biblical world view requires our active and selfless patticipation in any activity that we are legallu able to provide to get bakc our girls. To my shame, i have not lived up to this truth. But in this case, the biblical love your neighbour as yourself is perfectly consistent with a christian man joining the army to help the ineptitude of our security forces if it helps brings back our girls let alone a simple peaceful protest. We must not assume that keeping out of trouble especially for sake of personal safety is nearly asgood as those who made demands in the streets.
    But as rightly said wemust consider ever so urgently our individual and national mortality before before an holy and eternal God and his Christ. Lord have mercy on these girls and us.
    Forgive my passion brother. I love you and thanks for this piece

  2. Thanks for your comments Akin. Let me respond by saying I am not encouraging inactivity on the part of Christians; not at all. My musings instead were concerned with the right cause of action we should take. There’s alot of talk going on already and we can get lost in the din of it all if we sound like everyone else. I don’t have all the answers but I truly desire to be useful in accord with God’s word.

    So all who feel impressed to join the protests are free to do so, only let them remember to adorn the doctrine of our Lord.

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