Fundamental Human Privileges

There is always the tendency in us to act as though we were entitled to the things that we have: life, health, love etc. This feeling, like many others, is undoubtedly borne out of the fact that we do not correctly put the pieces together. By the pieces, I mean the circumstances of our lives from conception to date.

As long as we realize that we were not born because “we were entitled to being born”, it goes without saying that everything that comes with being born, including the love we get is not an entitlement.

Understanding this, helps us to give thanks when trouble comes because we are certain that the one who loved us enough to save us, will keep us through the trying times. We do not complain and tempt Christ like the Israelites did!

The world talks about “Fundamental Human Rights” but I think of them as “Fundamental Human Privileges” that the Almighty confers on us all. Be sure that no human being has the rights to trample on those privileges, but when God in his wisdom sees it fit to withhold some of them, we should rest in His love, knowing that He is the only wise God.


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