On the ALUU murders…

Someone had asked for my “view on the ALUU murders”; here it is:

I asked someone in my office, “Supposing those “innocent young men” came to your house, beat your husband to a pulp, raped you and then your daughter; would you perhaps have endorsed the actions of the ALUU indigents”?

Rather than go off in rage and rail at those “ALUU monsters”, let’s ask ourselves, “Why isn’t that me wielding the stick, pouring the fuel or lighting the match”?

But for the grace of God, it could have been me murdering those boys!!

That! is the lesson to learn

Nobody has been given the right to take another man’s life.

So, the ALUU murderers stand under the judgment of a Holy and Just God.

Their sin is not just against Tekena, Lloyd, Ugonna and Chidiaka; their sin is against God, who made these men (boys) in his own image and after his own likeness.

But, how many of us are outraged by the fact that these ALUU murderers defy God?

How many of us have paused and asked, “What is stopping me from being this murderous”?

It certainly isn’t because I am modern, educated, intelligent, kind, thoughtful, affection, advanced culturally etc.

It is THE GRACE OF GOD. He restrains the madness that is bound up in my heart, he showers his love on me and chastises me when I go astray. His rod and Staff comfort me (hedge me in).

But for God, I would have been the one holding the club, the fuel or the match.

As sad and as painful as the death of these young men are, the lesson that must be learnt is that MAN’S HEART IS DESPERATELY WICKED (Jer. 17:9) and only a holy God restrains man’s wickedness.

No one must take pride in his/her “sanity” because our insanity is only a “have it your way” away.

“Vengeance is Mine, I will repay” says the Lord (Romans 12:19; Hebrews 10:30)


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