Hello world!

Hello World!

Every now and then, someone comes along with, what they believe is, a unique angle on matters that affect humanity, global warming, nuclear disarmament, world peace, blah! blah! blah! Okay so, we’ve seen this a million times; but that hasn’t stopped us from being curious about what this next “solution guy” has to say.

Don’t hold your breath though, I am not that guy! I don’t have any solutions, I just want to ask questions and give my P.O.V. (If you didn’t know that that meant Point Of View… well, now you know) on issues affecting me as a human being, a Nigerian living in Nigeria and as a citizen of Planet Earth.

In all my writings, a Biblical world view is presupposed.  I am not politically correct (living in Africa, affords me that luxury), and some will say I am intolerant in speech (again, living in Africa affords me that “luxury”); I try (as much as I can) to explain what drives my POV on any issue (which means my write-ups could be very, very long). Popularity (aka “site hits”) is not as strong a motivation for me as is “truth telling” and logical consistency. I am a fundamentalist (in the sense that I hold on to certain fundamentals and tend to build my arguments from there).

Writing Life Shaping Convictions is a dream come true and I look forward to my being able to do it for as long as possible (which means over one year!).

Once again, Hello World!


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